The Power of Jiu-Jitsu. What happens when Social Media, BJJ, and Charity combine? (Inspiring Story)

This blog is based on a true story.

This incredible event is a testament to the marvel of modern technology. It shows how much more connected the world is. In this article you will find out how a local charity, Facebook, and Jiu-Jitsu saved a villager in Uganda.

The Scene

It is early in the morning. New Victory School founder and leader, Ernest Kasami, is outside walking the grounds of the school and doing his morning inspection.

He heads over into the farmland portion of the school to check on the crops and livestock. This farming section of the school feeds countless children, most of whom are orphaned. 

Suddenly, Ernest hears some movement within the corn stalks…

He fears that someone is in there stealing food. For the last few weeks, they believed someone was stealing from them due to shortages.

Ernest YELLS “Drop the food!!!” The man, clearly guilty and extremely desperate LUNGES at Ernest in a violent rage. Ernest and the assailant COLLIDE!

Ernest grabs the thieves leg, lifts it high into the air and spikes him into the ground. Suddenly, Ernest steps over into a full mount, sitting on top of the man. As the thief thrashed around, Ernest begins to strike him. In desperation, the thief pulls out a knife and SLASHES Ernest! As Ernest sits atop this hopeless man, he is overcome with intense pain. While still holding the thief, Ernest turns his attention to the knife and breaks it from the mans grasp. In that moment, the bandit pops up and sprints away. This man was never seen again anywhere NEAR this village.

There is one thing that is certain, Ernest’ strength and courage was incredible and inspiring during this event. As a society, we could learn something from this POWERFUL sense of community displayed. Ernest cared more for the preservation of the village children’s food, more than his own safety. He leapt into action with the bravery and fearlessness that only a Superhero could display. He fought to keep and withhold what they needed and what he believed in.

“Life is not worth living until you have found something worth dying for.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

He learned Jiu-Jitsu from our Facebook

We are very fortunate to have a man named Mark Bertrand affiliated with our academy. For a long time, he was a decorated wrestler, bodybuilding champion, and later a fitness and nutrition guru. He retired from the “gym” lifestyle and dedicated his life to charity. His work has helped people from all over the world. This charity, “The Giving Circle”, has been responsible for some incredible work in Uganda. For the past decade they have been building and rebuilding schools, providing medical care, funding, and building sustainable farming and agriculture in an area where EVERYONE turned a blind eye to their hardship.

Through a series of events, Mark came on board with our Jiu-Jitsu school to help with conditioning our competitors and creating nutrition programs for interested students. As Mark became more involved, it was only natural for our school and everyone to try and give back. We are always working with and connected to Mark and “The Giving Circle”. Through this connection, we are able to connect with people from different parts of the world that  “The Giving Circle” has so positively affected.

Ernest and Mark are friends and also friends on Facebook. For a year before this incident, Ernest would check in and follow the happenings of the school. He LOVED watching the videos and footage of our competitors and things they would share. Ernest is FASCINATED by Jiu-Jitsu. He might never have an opportunity to ever try a class or attend a school, living where he lives. However; it does not matter…Through Social Media, through connection, through videos of Jiu-Jitsu instruction and MMA training he was able to protect his village from weeks of starvation. In times like this it makes me realize why I do what I do. In times where Jiu-Jitsu can save someone and their loved ones, it drives me. From a distant land, on another continent, in a village where internet access is so hard to find, a man saved the day from using what he saw, and had at the very least, an IDEA of what to do in this dangerous situation.

Ernest is a HERO

What occurred was potentially dangerous for everyone. There could’ve been things done and perhaps Ernest shouldn’t have attacked the man robbing the land.

But…He did and he should be happy. I am. If he did not, the repercussions faced by those in the village would have been far greater than his stab wound.

I am so glad that our modern era is giving people the benefit of having access to learning life saving skills, better than ever before. One day, we will get Ernest over here and get him into a class. A man who lives for community, a man who learned some Jiu-Jitsu concepts over Facebook, and a man who feels it is “worth dying for what he believes in…”

For more information on “The Giving Circle” and it’s amazing work, visit the Giving Circle website <<<< to learn about an incredible organization that wants nothing and gives everything!

Eddie Fyvie – Let’s get Ernest over here for a Jiu-Jitsu lesson!

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